Creating an interaction for account linking

Note: Applies only to the Web Client, Facebook and Apple Business Chat channels.

If your bot performs actions that are specific to a user's account (such as getting account details, paying bills) then you will need to add an interaction that invites users to log into their third-party account.

  1. Create a message or question interaction with a suitable name, such as Login.
  2. If you want users to be able to run this log in interaction at any time then configure the possible user responses in an intention.
  3. On the message's Buttons tab:
    1. Create a button with a suitable name.
    2. Select the Account Link button type.
    3. Enter the URL of the login page.
      • For Web Client or Facebook — this must be the URL of the login page. The URL can contain request parameters if required by the authorization service. See Handling login page URLs containing request parameters.
      • For Apple Business Chat — the URL you enter isn't used but the interaction requires a valid URL here. You can enter anything provided that the URL is correctly formed.
    4. Enter the back-end instance to login to, either the full URL or part of a URL. Same as the Login page URL field, this is required for Web Client or Facebook and is not used for Apple Business Chat.
  4. For any interaction that requires the user to log into an account, on the interaction's Advanced tab, select Requires account linking.
    The bot will then prompt the user to log in if they have not already done so.
  5. Optional. Create a message interaction for logging out of an account. Use the Account unlink button type.
  6. Optional. As part of the bot configuration, you can set the next interaction that will always run after a user logs in or links their account, and also when they log out. For more details, see After login, After logout.