Time/Date Condition action

You can use a Time / Date Condition action to select the next interaction based on whether the current date and/or time meets the condition.


In this example the office is closed between 6:30PM and 8:30AM — a condition is used to give the user out-of-office contact details:

If the user's current local time meets the condition then the office is closed, and the bot goes to the interaction set in the condition. If the user's current local time does not meet the condition then the office is open, and the bot goes to the interaction set on the action's Details tab.

In this next example, the date time condition is for a date range. This works in exactly the same way as the first example.

An action can contain multiple time and date conditions. The order in which the conditions are listed on the Settings tab is important because the bot will work through the conditions in the order in which they are listed and apply the first one that matches.

Setting up time and date conditions

To set up a time and date condition:
  1. Drag an Action onto the canvas.
  2. Select Time / Date Conditions as the action type.
  3. On the Details tab, select the next interaction to go to when the condition is not met.
  4. On the Settings tab, set up the first condition:

    Rule Type

    • Recurring — for events that occur daily or weekly. Use Weekly to add recurring events for specific days of the week.
    • Date Range — for events that occur over a period of time
    Note: Where you use both date-based conditions and recurring conditions in the same action then typically the date-based conditions should come before the recurring conditions, and conditions for named days of the week should come before daily conditions.
    Time, Date, Timezone Depending on the rule type, enter a date range.

    For recurring conditions enter the timezone of the bot. Choose the timezone that matches the geographical location of the business or organization that owns the bot.

    Next Select the interaction that the bot will go to next when the condition is met (the current date/time falls within the date/time range you chose). When the condition is not met, the bot goes to the interaction set on the Action's Details tab.