REST action

You can perform actions on an endpoint.

Note: Select the action type on the Details tab of the Action and then define the REST call on the Settings tab.
Endpoint URL of the REST service that the bot will use.
Method Select the REST method:
  • GET - retrieve resource or information from an endpoint
  • POST - create resource or information in an endpoint
  • PUT - update resources in an endpoint
  • DELETE - remove resources from an endpoint
Authorization Authorization token.
Content-Type Media type of the resource.
Headers The header if required by the request, entered as key-value pairs.
Body The body if required by the REST request. See also:
Variable name Name for the variable that will contain the returned data specified by the Set data from response field.
Time to live Number of minutes that the user session stays live and caches the information obtained from the REST call. Use this if the bot performs multiple operations that require information from the REST call.

For example, enter 10 to ensure the data is cached for 10 minutes. Any subsequent requests by the bot for this data will use the cached data and not require another REST call.

Leave the field blank (or enter 0) to force the bot to make a new request whenever the conversation requires it. No data will be cached.

Set data from response A specific piece of data from the response to store in the variable configured above.

Leave this field blank to store the entire response in the variable.

Set error if response Defines what piece of data will generate an error if it is present (or not present) in the response.