Send chat history as email action

You can use a Send Email action to email users a transcript of their conversation.

The Send Email action

On the Settings tab of a Send Email action:

  • Enter the variable that holds the email address, such as {userEmail}
  • Enter the subject line. You can customize the subject line by using variables.
  • You cannot define the email body. This is always the transcript of the session. Since the Send Email action will trigger the email to be sent, this action should be one of the last interactions to be run by the bot.

The sender email address will show as You cannot change this.

Validating email addresses

To validate the user's email address, use a Question interaction to request the email address. On the Answer tab, enter:
  • A name for the variable that will hold the email address, such as userEmail
  • Accept a predefined answer type as the answer format
  • Email address as the answer type

You can also send a message when users enter an email address in an invalid format: in Designer, click Config and then go to the Validation tab.