JSON format for quick replies

Converse supports a maximum of 11 quick replies per interaction. Only the title property (the button label) is required.

The JSON format of a quick reply is as follows:

  "title":"required, string",
  "image_url":"URL string", 
  "payload":"message to send to the bot"


content_type Optional. If given must always be set to "text".
title Required. This is the label for the quick reply button.
image_url Optional URL for an image. The image cannot be larger than 24px by 24px.
payload Optional message to send to the bot. For example the response that will trigger the next interaction. 1000 characters maximum.

This example defines an array of four quick reply buttons where the payload is the trigger to run the next interaction:

context.myquickreplies = 
   {"title":"Option 1","payload":"showOption1"},
   {"title":"Option 2","payload":"showOption2"}, 
   {"title":"Option 3","payload":"showOption3"},
   {"title":"Option 4","payload":"showOption4"}