About the EOCMessage intent and the EOCCatchAll slot type

The Converse integration with Alexa adds a special intent called EOCMessage. This hooks into a feature provided by Alexa for handling utterances that are not part of the bot's design (not in an Converse intention).

When Alexa receives an utterance it looks first for a match in one of the intents. If it does not find a match, it falls back to the EOCMessage intent. The Alexa Skill then converts the utterance to text, which the bot should be able to handle. The EOCCatchAll slot type is used to define this.

In the skill model:

  • EOCCatchAll is a custom slot type defined in the Converse Integration Model JSON file. It has a single slot called text. This is displayed as {text} in the alexa developer console.
  • The text slot contains random slot values, also defined in Converse as part of the default integration. These random values are different lengths, and were specifically chosen to avoid conflict with anything that you are likely to define in your bot.
Important: You will need to test your Alexa integration to determine how well these random values work for your bot. If the Alexa skill fails to detect specific values then add that value to the EOCCatchAll slot.

If you have enabled EngageOne Converse Analytics, you can use the Dashboard to find out which utterances are not covered by the bot and then add them to Alexa. It is not necessary to add them to Converse. The intentions in Converse are used to help configure the Alexa skill.