Integrating with Amazon Alexa

You can integrate a Converse bot with an Alexa Skill for a voice-first experience.

Converse sets up a basic Alexa skill model based on the integration settings and interactions defined in the current bot. You can copy the JSON interaction model from the bot's integration page. The JSON also configures an Alexa intent for each intention used by the bot's interactions.

Note: If you subsequently modify the bot in Converse then you need to make similar changes to the Alexa skill model. For example if you add new intentions to Converse then you should also add them to Alexa. It is likely that the integration will still function but if the skill model is missing some of the intents then Alexa is unable to make full use of natural language understanding.
Note: You cannot use Live Takeover with Alexa. However, conversations in progress are shown on the Live Takeover page.