Set up the Business Chat account

In the Apple Business Register:
  1. Click Business Chat Accounts.
  2. Add a new account and then complete the acknowledgement.
  3. On the Business Chat Registration page, choose the registration type and enter an account name.
  4. On the Customer Service Platform Configuration page, choose EngageOne Converse.

    You do not need to create your own CSP.

  5. On the Account Testing page, add the Apple IDs of all the developers and testers who will be working on this integration. These users will be able to chat with the bot before Apple approves the Business Chat account. Anyone can chat with the bot once the account is approved.
  6. Optionally, on the Apple Pay page, enter the merchant ID. This comes from the Apple Developer console and is only required if you intend to use Apple Pay. See Set up the Merchant Identifier.
  7. On the Account owner page, enter the name of someone who will be the point of contact for any technical questions from Apple. They require an Apple ID.
  8. Optionally, on the End User Authentication page, enter the client ID from OAuth authorization server. This is required to let users log into a third-party account from their Apple device. See Prerequisites for account linking on Apple Business Chat.
  9. This completes the registration profile. If everything is OK, you can submit the Business Chat account for approval by Apple.

Next step: Once the Business Chat account is approved