Apple Pay – certificates for Apple Pay processing

The final integration step is to obtain the Payment Processing and Merchant Identity certificates required for Apple Pay processing.

Obtaining the Payment Processing and Merchant Identity certificates

If you are working on a MacBook, you can follow the instructions in the Apple Developer documentation. Search for Configure Apple Pay and Configure Apple Pay on the web.

If you are not working on a MacBook then Converse provides a public Docker image, eoconverse/apple‑pay‑cert‑generator. For details of how to use this container to generate certificate signing requests and the final certificates, see

After completing this process, you will have two certificates:
  • engageOneConverse.cer — copy the contents of this file to the chatbot configuration
  • paymentProcessingCertificate.cer — not required by the chatbot configuration

Adding the certificate to the bot configuration

To update the bot configuration:

  1. In Designer, click Config , and then go to the Integration tab.
  2. In the Merchant identity key field, paste the contents of engageOneConverse.cer.
  3. Click OK to save the bot configuration.