Configuring List Pickers for Apple Business Chat

Use Card interactions when you need to display choices as one or more List Pickers in Apple Business Chat. Each card in the interaction can be shown to the user as a separate List Picker or as sections in a single List Picker.


Take this example of a Card interaction that when previewed in Converse presents the user with two cards. The user scrolls horizontally to see the cards:

In Apple Business Chat, you can show both cards in a single List Picker with a separate section for each card (see 1), or each card in a separate List Picker (see 2):

To set up a Card interaction as a List Picker

  1. Create the Action interaction that will get the cards. For more information, see JSON format for cards.
  2. Drag a Card interaction onto the canvas.
  3. In the Send to user field, enter the text that is shown when the List Picker is collapsed (multi-section lists only as in example 1). This text is sent separately when each card is shown in a separate list. The text should identify the contents of the picker.
  4. On the Items tab, enter the action and variable that defines the cards in the interaction. See Adding the individual cards to the carousel.
  5. In Show cards as single List Picker in Apple Business Chat:
    • Select this to show all cards in a single list as in example 1.
    • Deselect this to show each card in a separate list as in example 2.
    Note: This option is hidden if you have not yet configured the Apple Business Chat integration. See Summary of Converse integration settings for Apple Business Chat