Setting up attachments

Note: To configure the use of attachments, in Designer, click Config and then go to the Attachments tab.
The bot can accept attachments uploaded by users from Facebook and through the Web Client. By default, the bot will:
  • Store the attachment for the duration of the session (once the session expires, the attachment is automatically deleted)
  • Accept an unlimited number of attachments, in any file format supported by the platform that the user is on
  • The maximum attachment size is 8 MB

Use a message to tell the user about the type and size of the attachments that they can upload. The user is warned if the attachment fails to upload, for example, because it is too large or the wrong file type.

You can change these defaults.

Recipient Email Address By default, attachments uploaded by the user when chatting to a Live Takeover operator go directly to the operator. The operator can download these immediately.

Outside of Live Takeover, attachments and the preceding conversation are emailed to the address configured for the bot.

Note: You will always receive one email per attachment. For example attaching multiple files to a message or uploading them singly will still result in the sending of one email per attachment.
Allowed Attachment Types Leave this empty to allow the default file types, which are: bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, doc, docx, xlsx, xls, csv, txt, zip.

Different platforms will support different file types. To restrict this to specific types, enter a comma-separated list of file extensions, such as:


Attachment Size Limit By default the bot will accept attachments up to 8 MB in size. When setting the limit consider the limits set in other systems:
  • Any limits imposed by the platform that the user is on, for example Facebook.
  • The limit of the email system that will receive the emails.
Attachment Limit By default the bot will accept any number of attachments per conversation. To limit this enter the maximum number of attachments that the user can upload.

See also Send Attachment action.