Setting the bot name and timeout

To define the name of the bot and when the conversation is considered to be concluded, in Designer, click Config and then go to the Details tab.

ID The bot identifier (system generated).
Name Enter the bot name.
Description Optionally enter any notes about the bot. This information is for internal use only and will never be seen by your users.
Timeout (hours) Define the number of hours of inactivity after which the conversation will be terminated (24 hours by default).
Note: If you are using the Converse web client then you can also set up a message that's shown in the chat window when a timeout occurs. See Session timeout prompt.
Encryption Key For details of setting up and using encryption, see Encryption and Converse bots.
Created Date the bot was created (system generated).
Created by User name of the bot creator (system generated).
Last modified Date the bot was last updated (system generated).
Last modified by User name of the last person to modify the bot (system generated).