Adding Quick Replies for general use

Note: To add quick replies, in Designer, click Config and then go to the Quick Replies tab.

You can define basic words or phrases that a user might use frequently in the conversation. These quick replies are always used by the bot provided that the bot is not in a question and waiting for an answer to the question. If the bot is waiting for an answer then one of these quick replies will not be understood. You do not need to add these quick replies to interactions.

For example, when we receive: thanks, thank you, tu, thank u, tank u, ty. The bot always responds with: You're welcome!:

Adding a set of quick replies

  1. In the Config tool on the Quick Replies tab, click .
  2. In the When we receive field, enter the text that the user is likely to enter. For example tank u.
    Note: Quick replies are not case sensitive.
  3. In the Respond with field, enter the message that the bot will send to the user. For example You're welcome.