Step 1: Create a question with two buttons

Create a question interaction that will ask the user what they want to do, and provides one of two button responses.

Result of step 1

To create a question interaction:

  1. In Designer, click Create Bot, enter the name of the bot and then click OK.
    For example enter Contact Us in the Name field.
  2. Drag a question interaction into the Canvas.
  3. In the Name field, enter the question's name. This is the label that displays in the canvas.
    For example enter Greeting.
  4. In the When we receive field, enter the user responses that will cause this interaction to be shown to the user. Separate responses with commas. The letter case is ignored so hi, Hi and HI are all the same.
    For example enter hello, hi, start.
    Note: When you create your own bots, you can also define the user responses using intentions rather than using the When we receive field.
  5. In the Send to user field, enter what the user will see when the bot receives one of the responses you entered in the When we receive field.
    For example enter Greetings. Would you like to contact us?
  6. Click the Answers tab.
  7. In the Answer format field, select Accept a custom defined answer.
    We're using custom answers in this example to set up the alternative responses for this part of the conversation. Each answer is set up as a button.
  8. Click + to add the first button.
    1. In the Display field, enter Yes as the button name. Users tap or click to select the button, or they can type in the button name (Yes).
    2. In the Expect to receive field, enter y. This gives users the option to select the button by typing y. Click OK.
  9. Click + and create the No, thank you button. Let users also select the button by typing n or no. Click OK.
Step 2: Create a message (Contact us)