Step 2: Create a message (Contact us)

When the user selects Yes in the Greeting question, they will see a message similar to this:

To create the Contact Us message:

  1. Drag a message interaction into the canvas.
  2. In the Name field, enter the message name. This is the label that displays on the canvas.
    For example enter Contact us.
  3. Skip the When we receive field. This interaction will be triggered by the preceding Greeting question so you do not need to enter anything here.
  4. In the Send to user field, enter what the user will see when this interaction is triggered.
    For example enter You can contact us here.
  5. Click the Buttons tab and add the first button.
    1. Click + to create a button.
    2. In the Display field, enter the button name.
      For example enter Website.
    3. Select URL as the button type.
      This URL will direct the user to a customer support site.
    4. In the URL field, enter the website address and then click OK. You can enter any valid URL in this field.
      For example enter
  6. Click + to add another button.
    1. In the Button type field, select Phone.
    2. In the Display field enter the actual phone number as the button name.
      For example, enter some zeros.
    3. In the Phone Number field, enter the phone number and then click OK.
  7. Click OK to close the dialog and go back to the canvas.
Step 3: Create a message (No thanks)