Step 5: Preview the Contact Us bot

You can now test the conversation in Live Preview using the defined user responses:

  1. Click the Live Preview tab to expand the live preview pane.
  2. In the Type a message, enter hello or any one of the user responses you entered in the When we receive field. It does not matter what letter case you use.
    This message and the buttons are defined in the question interaction.

  3. Click Yes. You could also type yes or y. This triggers the interaction that is linked to the button.

  4. Click Website.
    A new browser window opens with the address you used.

    If the user was chatting on a smart phone and the phone number was clicked, the user would be taken to a call screen.

  5. To preview the other branch in this conversation, enter hello again and then click the No, thank you button. You could also type one of the alternative user responses n or no. This triggers the interaction that is linked to the button.

  6. To end the conversation, enter cancel or the word or phrase that is configured as the Global cancel for this bot.

  7. Try restarting the conversation and entering a response that you did not define in the When we receive field.

    The bot won't understand this and sends you the default answer. The default answer is defined as part of the configuration settings for the bot. To change this, click Config and, on the Defaults tab, enter a different answer in the Default reply field.

    Step 6: Test the bot in the Converse Web Client