Step 6: Test the bot in the Converse Web Client

You can also test the bot using the Converse Web Client.

To test the bot in the Web Client:

  1. Click Config .
  2. On the Integration tab, expand the Web Client section.
    The tab shows the HTML code for this bot.
  3. Click Copy Code.
  4. Paste the code into a text editor, and save the file as HTML.
  5. Drag and drop the HTML file into a browser. You are now ready to start a conversation.
    Note: The bot runs immediately because start is sent automatically to Converse when the bot loads. The default Web Client uses start as the postback to Converse. If you didn't use start as one of your When we receive words then you'll see the message I'm sorry - I did not understand. In your HTML file, you can change the line webClient.sendPostBackSilent("start") or you can add start to the bot.