Step 2: Create a condition

Create a condition that will determine the next interaction based on a counter variable that you will create later.

Result of step 2

To create the condition:

  1. Drag an action interaction onto the canvas.
  2. Give it a name that describes its purpose. For example Message seen?
  3. Select the Conditions action type.
  4. Select Favorite flavor as the next interaction to go to. The bot automatically goes to this interaction whenever the condition is not met.
  5. On the Settings tab, add a condition like this:
    Variable Operator Value Next
    {counter} > 1 Tell us more
    The condition appears as a separate element on the canvas. When the counter is greater than 1 the bot shows the Tell us more interaction because the user has already seen the message twice. When the counter is equal to or less than 1, the bot automatically shows the Favorite flavor interaction again because the user has not seen the message or has only seen it once (so the condition is not met).
Step 3: Create a counter.