Step 2: Create the card

Having created the action that defines the card, you are now in a position to create the card itself.

Result of step 2

To create the card:

  1. Drag a Card interaction on to the Canvas.
  2. Enter the name for card.
    For example survey
  3. Leave Intention and When we receive empty. You do not need to enter anything here because the Card will be displayed as the result of the user selecting a button (that you will create later).
  4. Leave Send to user empty. This is not used with cards.
    If you need to provide information about a card then use a message that appears before the card is shown.
  5. Link the Card to the action you created earlier:
    1. Click the Items tab.
    2. Select the action you created earlier. The Action for list of cards lists only the actions in this bot.
    3. Enter the variable that will return the list of cards.
      For example surveyCards if you are following the example.
  6. Click OK to save the Card.
The next step is add a message that provides information before the card is displayed. Step 3: Create a message with a delay.