Step 3: Create a message with a delay

This message will appear before the card is displayed. It provides some introductory information so that the user knows what to expect from the survey. The short delay gives the user time to read the message before the card is shown.

Result of step 3

To add a message with a delay.

  1. Drag a Message interaction on to the Canvas.
  2. Name the message.
    For example about survey.
  3. Leave the Intention and When we receive fields empty because this message is only displayed when the user selects the previous button (not yet created).
  4. In Send to user, enter the information that you want the user to see before the card is shown.
    For example This survey is about the type of ice cream that people prefer.
  5. Link the message to the Card, with a short delay before the Card appears:
    1. In Next, select the Card. For example survey.
    2. In Delay before Next enter 2. The delay is in seconds.
  6. Click OK.
The next step is to create the Question interaction that asks whether the user wants to take the survey. See Step 4: Create a question with two buttons.