Creating bots for text messaging

You can create bots that will send and receive text messages. You need to use a Twilio-provided phone number to make and receive these messages, or EngageOne Deliver.

On a mobile device, the user experience is very similar to a conversation held in a browser with the following exceptions:
  • There is no way to display buttons or quick replies in a text message. The user sees the buttons or quick replies as text.
  • Cards are not supported.
For example in a browser, the user might interact with the bot like this:

But on a smart phone, the same interaction might look like this. The user must type the button name as they can't tap the button:

You can avoid the need for the user to enter the full button name by setting up shorter alternatives in the Expect to receive field of the interaction.

Note: Depending on the design of the bot, it may not be possible for the same bot to be used in both a browser and in text messages. For example you may need to word questions differently to help users who don't understand that Red, Yellow, Green (see example above) are the only acceptable answers.