Organizing bots on the canvas

You can choose to add all your interactions to a single bot (everything on the same canvas) or you can create several smaller bots on separate canvases. The best option will depend on the complexity of the bot. For example, you might choose to create a parent bot on one canvas and then link from that to other bots that perform specific functions. You can easily link from one bot to an interaction in another bot by using an Action interaction.

The advantage of creating several smaller bots is that:
  • It is easier to build, test and maintain a smaller bot.
  • It is easier for someone else to look at the canvas and understand how the bot works.
If you need to provide bots for several languages then you could:
  • Create a parent bot that identifies the user's preferred language.
  • Create a separate bot for each language. You could do this by duplicating the first bot you create and then localizing the interactions.

You link between bots using the Go To Bot action.