Grouping interactions into transactions

You can configure transactions that can be tracked on the Converse Dashboard if Converse Analytics is enabled for the bot.

A transaction is a series of steps that start and end at specific interactions, either in the current bot or in a bot linked by a Go To Bot action.

  • A transaction starts when the user reaches a specific interaction on any of your channels (not on Live Preview).
  • It completes when the user reaches the interaction designated as the end of the transaction. Typically this is a message.

The Dashboard counts transactions as either Complete or Incomplete. A transaction is counted as Incomplete if the session ends before the user reaches the end transaction. If the interaction is a question then the transaction is considered complete if the user reaches the interaction but does not answer the question.

To define a transaction:
  1. Go to the interaction that is the start of the transaction.

    Multiple transaction types cannot start at the same interaction.

  2. On the Details tab, in the Transaction Tag field, enter a tag for tracking the transaction.

    You can only enter one transaction tag in the field. Choose a tag name that will work when viewed on the Dashboard.

  3. Go to the message interaction that is the end of the transaction. This could be in a different bot as long as the bot is linked by a Go To Bot action.
  4. On the Details tab, enter the same transaction tag and also select the Transaction End box.
Note: You can add the same transaction tag to more than one bot if there are multiple ways of performing the same transaction. The Dashboard will then combine the count for these transactions.