Converse Dashboard – analytics overview

The Dashboard shows an overview of analytics for all the bots in the company account, where Converse Analytics is enabled in the bot configuration. Alternatively you can select a single bot to view just the data for a single bot:

The panes across the top of the Dashboard show an overall summary for all bots, since the bots were first deployed to this instance:

Analytics for all bots
Total Users All the users who have interacted with your bot(s). A user is someone who starts a conversation on one of your channels by sending a message.

A user who starts a conversation one day and then follows up with another conversation a few days later is counted once if the user is using the Facebook channel. If they are using the webchat (Web Client) channel then they will be counted twice.

Users who start a session but do not send a message are not counted.

Bots Used These are the bots assigned to your tenant (company account) which have been accessed at least once, by at least one user in the specified time period.
Total Conversations All conversations that have taken place between users and one of your bots. A conversation starts when a user sends a start message, or other message, to the bot and ends when the user stops responding for a period of 24 hours (or for the timeout period configured for the bot). If the user responds after the timeout period then the conversation is counted as a new conversation.

To drill down into the detail, go to the Conversations page where you can see the conversation history as a graph and in list form.

Total Channels All the channels through which users have accessed your bots. The type of channel depends on how your bots are configured. For example:
  • Alexa
  • AppleBusinessChat
  • Facebook
  • Pb-Sms (EngageOne Deliver)
  • Twilio (SMS)
  • Webchat (Web Client)

The breakdown by channel is shown in the charts underneath when you move the mouse pointer over the charts.