Integration settings for the Web Client

To define the settings used to communicate with the Web Client, in Designer, click Config and then go to the Integration tab.

Lock Origin Use this to make sure that the connection to the bot is coming from a known origin, such as your website and not from another site trying to use your bot.

When the browser sends the request, it will tag the request with the origin. The origin is the URL of the site making the call. If the site does not match what you have set in this field, Converse logs it and disconnects without an error. This ensures that no information is sent back to a hacker.

You can enter the origin using a regular expression with multiple items separated by a comma. For example:* will allow any request from on any port.

Leave the field empty if you want the bot to accept requests from any Web Client.
Note: In order to test the bot using Live Preview, add the URL of Designer to the Lock Origin field. Separate multiple URLs with commas.

For full details, see Embedding the Web Client.