Configuring the version 2 Converse Web Client (deprecated)

Note: Version 3 is now available. We recommend that you use version 3, and that you upgrade any existing implementations to this version as soon as possible.

This is a standalone HTML application intended for customers who want to integrate Converse into their website, while keeping their website's look and feel.

This example shows the standard elements and style:

On the web page that will use the bot, you need to complete these steps:

  1. Add the scripts and style sheets required to run the bot.
  2. Add the JavaScript snippet for the bot. You can copy this from the bot itself.
  3. Configure the display options for the bot, such as the title, buttons and so on.
  4. Add a container for the bot to the HTML of the web page.
  5. Set the size of the container and, optionally, change the style to match your brand.

See also Web Client code example (version 2 deprecated).