Guidelines on writing utterances for NLU

We recommend you follow these basic guidelines when adding utterances for natural language understanding (NLU). Testing will indicate what else you need to do to improve the accuracy of the intention.

What's needed

Add utterances that follow these guidelines:

  • Are whole sentences or phrases that your users are likely to use
  • Avoid single words if possible
  • Do not add the same utterance to more than one intention
  • Add entities so that Converse can identify specific values in utterances. You only need one example per entity. Synonyms are optional.

What's not needed

You don't need to add utterances to cover these cases:

  • Variations of the main words that you expect to receive — this includes singles, plurals, different verb forms, and common typos
  • Letter case is ignored so that buy, Buy, BUY are all the same
  • Word order is ignored so the following are all the same:

    is it possible to order online

    order is it possible online

Delete unused utterances and intentions

Delete all unused utterances and intentions.
Note: Messages from users are matched to all the intentions in your tenant based on a confidence score. For this reason it is important that your tenant (company account) does not contain unused utterances and intentions because the data in these can affect the confidence calculation. Converse will not find a match if the confidence rating is too low.