Adding intentions

Note: To add intentions to the Converse tenant (company account), click Designer on the menu bar and then click the Intentions button in the left pane.

This topic shows how to add an intention that covers some of the ways in which a user might ask for sales information. For example:

Intention name Utterances
brochure .*call us.*
.*call you.*
data sheet
product info
product information
sales brochure
Note: What the user enters into the conversation must match one of the utterances exactly. If there isn't an exact match then the bot will not understand the message. The bot will then send the default reply or the default answer to the user (depending on what is configured for the bot). To increase the accuracy of the matching, use Natural Language Understanding (NLU).

To add a new intention:

  1. Check that a similar intention does not already exist in your Converse tenant (company account). In Search intentions and utterances, search using the words that you expect the user to use.

    If there is a similar intention then check what its purpose is and how it is used by the bot. You might be able to extend the intention or you might need to create a new one.

  2. In New Intention... enter the name of the intention and then click Add. The intention name is for internal use.
  3. In Utterances enter a word or phrase that the user is likely to type into the conversation and then click Add.

    You can use regular expressions. For example .*call you.* matches anything that the user might type that contains the words call you.

    The language defaults to English (en). You only need to set this if you are using natural language understanding.

  4. In Utterances, repeat this step until you have a list of the words and phrases that users are likely to use.
  5. To make use of the intention, edit a Message or Question and on the Details tab in the Intention field select the intention.

    For an example of a bot that uses an intention, see Example: handling unwanted and unexpected answers.