Setting up natural language understanding (NLU)

Note: To add intentions to the Converse tenant (company account), click Designer on the menu bar and then click the Intentions button in the left pane.

You can extend the range of utterances for an intention by training the bot to use natural language understanding (NLU). This means the bot can find a match even when the user uses a phrase that is not an exact match for one of the standard utterances.

Adding entities

Entities are separate from intentions. Any intention can use any entity.
  1. In Designer, click the Intentions button and go to the Entities tab.
  2. For each entity, enter:
    Entity The name or category of the entity, such as restaurant, vehicle, location
    Example At least one example for the category.
    For a restaurant entity, examples might be restaurant, diner, takeaway
    Note: Entities and their examples should not overlap. For example if you have a restaurant entity and a food entity then do not use pizza as an example for both. It is either a restaurant type or a food type but not both.

    You can add examples for multiple languages.

    Synonym Values considered to have the same meaning as the Example. These are optional and are simply a way of organizing the examples. You can enter synonyms in the Example field if you prefer.

    For a takeaway example, synonyms might be takeout and drive thru.

    For a food entity where the example is soup then synonyms might be vegetable soup, tomato soup.

Adding intentions

To add an intention for natural language understanding:
  1. In Designer, click the Intentions button and go to the Intentions tab.
  2. For each intention and add a range of utterances as training data. You do not need to add all the messages that users are likely to add, only a sample.

Adding intentions in multiple languages

When adding non-English utterances, you must select the language that matches the language of the bot. The bot supports one language only. If you don't select a language then it defaults to English (en).

Training the bot

Once you have added the entities and intentions, you are ready to train the bot:

  1. In Designer, click the Intentions button.
  2. Click Train.

    Converse will then train the bot in all the languages you selected when adding the utterances. Training may take a few minutes to complete depending on the number of items and languages.

  3. You will receive a notification once your training has completed.
  4. Test the bot in Live Preview to determine whether you need to add more sample utterances to any of the intentions. Repeat the training as needed.

Retraining the bot

Training processes all the intentions and entities in your tenant. Retrain whenever you:

  • Finish work on a new intention or entity that you are ready to test
  • Rename an intention or entity
  • Delete an intention or entity
  • Add, modify or delete an utterance from an intention