Adding the individual cards to the carousel

For a Card interaction, use the Items tab to add up to 10 individual cards to a card carousel. Alternatively, you can specify the action that will generate the list of cards. A different interaction could also have run this action earlier in the session and set the variable.

Note: To create the individual cards in the carousel or select the action for a Card interaction, go to the Items tab.

Adding the cards

To create the cards in Converse:
  1. Click .
  2. On the Items tab, fill in the following details for each card:
    Title Required. The main text on the card. 80 characters maximum.
    Subtitle Optional. Additional text. 80 characters maximum.
    Image URL Optional. URL to retrieve an image to show on the card:
    • For Facebook Messenger the image should have 1.91:1 ratio. Any images that are not this ratio will be scaled accordingly.
    • For Apple Business Chat, refer to the Apple Developer documentation for details of the required image sizes.
  3. Optional. Add up to three buttons to the card:
    1. Click to add a button.
    2. Define each button as described in Button display type for messages.

Getting the cards from an action

Alternatively, you can get the cards by running an action:
  1. On the Items tab, select the Get Cards By Action check box.
  2. Fill in the following details:
    Action for list of cards The name of the action that will return the list of cards.

    Leave this empty if the action was run earlier in the session by another interaction.

    Variable containing the list The name of the variable that contains the list of cards.

    This should correspond to the variable in the action's Variable name field.

    Show cards as single List Picker in Apple Business Chat
    Note: This option is hidden if you have not yet configured the Apple Business Chat integration. See Summary of Converse integration settings for Apple Business Chat
    • Select this to show each card in a separate section of a single List Picker.
    • Deselect this to show each card in a separate List Picker.

    For more information, see Configuring List Pickers for Apple Business Chat.