Button display type for messages

You can define up to three buttons for a message interaction. These are text-based:

Note: For a Message interaction, go to the Buttons tab and select Button as the display type. Click to add a button.
Display Name that will be displayed on the button. The name can be any length, however, channels such as Facebook Messenger limit the number of characters and will truncate the name if it exceeds their limit.
Button type Different types of button for initiating tasks from within the conversation.
Postback Button to send a call to the bot. For example to go to another interaction or run an action.

In the Payload field, enter the value to send to the bot, up to 1000 characters in length. You can then enter the payload in the When we receive field of another interaction.

URL Button to link to an external URL. Users can click the button to go to a web page, to display an image or watch a video. Depending on the channel, this opens a browser window or a new tab in the browser.
Note: Use cards if you need to use rich links with metadata for previewing an image or playing a video.
Account link Button to initiate log into a user's account.

Enter the URL of the login page and the URL of the back-end to use.

For more information, see Creating an interaction for account linking.

Account unlink Button to initiate a log out from the user's account. This will:
  • Close the communication to the third-party endpoint.
  • Forget the authorization code stored in the session.
  • Forget all the data stored in the session, whether obtained from the third-party endpoint or entered by the user. The data is saved if analytics is enabled.

By default this data is forgotten when the session ends.

Phone On smart phones, button to take the user to the call screen.

The phone number to dial should include the intended country code and area code. For example: 1(888) 000-0000

Live Agent Button to enable a user to ask to chat with an agent:
  • The button's display name is shown on the Live Takeover page so you may want to choose something that helpful to the agents working on Live Takeover.
  • You need to select the channel that will be used for the conversation. By default this is Converse Live Takeover but you can also configure the button for SalesForce Live.

    Configuring the button for SalesForce Live requires the SalesForce Live organization ID, deployment ID and button ID.

See also Configuring live takeover.