Buttons for messages

Optionally you can add buttons to messages.
  1. Go to the Buttons tab of the Message interaction.
  2. Select the display type:

    The available button types will depend on the display type:

    Button type Use Display type
    Postback Go to another interaction in the bot Button, Quick Reply, Card
    URL Take user to a URL Button, Card
    Phone Take user to the call screen of their smart phone Button, Card
    Account Link Take user to a login page on another system Button, Card
    Account Unlink Take user to the logout page on another system Button, Card
    Live Agent For use with Live Takeover. Enable users to start a conversation with an agent. Button
  3. If you want to track button clicks select Track Buttons. If you use Converse Analytics, you can analyze the button clicks on the Tracked Messages page.
    Tracking is not available for:
    • Buttons on Cards
    • Account Unlink buttons
    • Web Client version 2
  4. To encourage users to select a button rather than type a message, select the Disable text input field check box. You need to use a button rather than a quick reply or card for this feature.
    Note: Requires Web Client version 3.1 and later.

    This feature is not used in Live Preview.

For further details, see: