Quick reply display type for messages

You can define up to 11 quick replies for a message interaction. For example:

Important: On Facebook Messenger, quick replies will disappear when the next linked message interaction is shown. This is a Facebook limitation.
You can add quick replies to a message interaction (click to add each tag) or obtain a set of quick replies by running an action.
Note: For a Message interaction, go to the Buttons tab and select Quick Reply as the display type.
Variable holding the array of tags You can specify an action on the Details tab that will get the tags. The action should return a variable holding the array of tags. For more details, see Action details and JSON format for quick replies.

If required click to define the quick replies:

Display Name that will be displayed on the button. The name can be any length, however, channels such as Facebook Messenger limit the number of characters and will truncate the name if it exceeds their limit.
Payload Value to pass to the bot. For example to go to another interaction or run an action. You can then enter the payload in the When we receive field of another interaction.
Image URL Button to link to an external image. You can use a global variable for all or part of the URL path.

For Facebook the image should not be larger than 24px by 24px. Facebook will automatically crop and resize larger images.