Message details

Filling in the Details tab of messages, questions, cards and actions is similar. One of the main differences for messages is the Delay before Next field.

Note: To create a message interaction, go to Designer, drag a Message onto the canvas and then fill in the details.
Name The name for the message interaction.
Intention Define users' possible responses by selecting an intention. For details of how to use this field, see Intention in Questions.
When we receive You can also enter the user's response or responses here. For example hi, hello, hey. When the bot receives this message (hi, hello or hey), it will respond by sending the Send to user message to the user.
Send to user Text to send to the user upon receiving the user's response.

For additional details on how to use this field, see Send to user in Questions.

Next Select the interaction to go to that defines the next step in the conversation. If you do not select a Next interaction, the bot will wait for the user to initiate the next step.
Delay before Next Number of seconds to wait before going to the next interaction.

Using the Next field with a delay allows you to tailor the display of long or multi-part messages.

You may need to split long messages because chat programs such as Facebook Messenger can only display a certain number of characters per chat bubble. The delay allows you to split a long message into two parts.

Further, the delay time allows for a pause between multi-part messages to ensure that the user does not miss any part of the message due to the chat window scrolling.