Card display type for messages

Note: For a Message interaction, go to the Buttons tab and select Card as the display type.

Define a card for a message interaction that can contain up to 10 buttons (Postback, URL, Account Link or Phone), a single image, a title (the name of the card) and a subtitle. The image and subtitle are optional. For example:

Note: When used on the Apple Business Chat channel, a card with Postback buttons is shown as a list picker on the Apple device.
Subtitle Text that displays below the Send to user message and above the buttons. Optional.
ImageĀ URL Optional. URL of the image or video to display on the card. You can use a global variable for all or part of the URL path.

If the link has metadata, the user sees a preview in the chat window so that, for example, clicking the preview plays the video in the chat window.


Display Click to add the buttons to the card. These are text buttons.