Advanced features for questions

Defines some of the more advanced features of question interactions.

Note: Set these features on the Advanced tab of the Question interaction.
Requires account linking Select this if the interaction requires the user to log in to an account before continuing. For more information, see Account linking.
Go here if not logged in If the user has not logged in, go to the selected interaction in order to log in.
Encrypt Answer Select this if you have set up an encryption key. All responses to this question will be encrypted. See Encryption and Converse bots.
Note: Do not apply encryption to Tracked Questions or Satisfaction Gauge questions as you will want to see these answers in your analytics data.
Transaction Tag Identifies the interaction as the start or end of a transaction. For more information, see Grouping interactions into transactions.
Run Action Run the selected action before the text in the Send to user field is sent. You can use this action for any purpose.
Send to user (random selection) Add additional questions or messages to be sent to the user. The bot will select the text to use at random from the texts that you add here, including the Send to user text on the Details tab. The order of the texts has no effect on when the text is selected.

Delete these texts if you want to use just the text on the Details tab.