Validate answers with a regular expression

You can define a question that accepts an answer which is validated using a regular expression that you define. If the user enters a value in an unexpected format then you can send them an error message giving feedback on what they need to enter. You can use this as an alternative to the predefined answer types in Converse.

Note: Define this answer format on the Answers tab of the Question interaction.
Answer format Select the answer format: Use a custom regular expression.
Validation expression Enter the regular expression that will validate that the answer is in the expected format. You can use any regular expression provided that it is well-formed. You can learn more about using regular expressions from third-party websites. For example:

Any errors in the syntax are reported by the Logs tool on the Canvas toolbar as an Answer error.

Validation error message If the user enters an answer that's not in the expected format then send this error message to them.