Copying and pasting

You can copy and paste Messages, Questions, Actions and Cards in the same bot or between bots.
Note: You cannot copy Payment interactions.
When you copy an interaction, you copy:
  • The values in the required fields
  • All the buttons in a Message
  • All the buttons in a Question — if you want only some of the buttons then select the ones you want
  • All the conditions in an Action — if you want only some of the conditions then select the ones you want

You won't automatically copy the Next interaction — if you want this then select the Next interaction on the canvas.

To copy and paste

  1. Select the interaction. You can:
    • Click the interaction.
    • Click Select and then drag to select multiple interactions, to select the Next interactions, or to select the buttons you want.
  2. Click Copy .
  3. If required, go to the bot that you want to paste into.
  4. Click Paste . The new elements appear close to the original position on the canvas.
  5. Drag to reposition the new elements.

Example - copying a Question

In this example, clicking the Pay When? interaction will copy all three buttons. To copy just the Cancel and Today buttons, use the Select tool to select Pay When?, Cancel and Today: