What's shown on the Live Takeover page

Use the Live Takeover page to monitor the conversations in progress, and identify those where an agent's intervention is needed. See also Taking over a conversation.

Item Details
Agent Offline / Agent Online By default an agent's status is Online. If the bot is configured to allow users to request an agent then requests will be sent to all the agents with Online status. Agents can click the notification to go to the Live Takeover page.
ID The ID depends on the channel:
  • Facebook: shows the user's name
  • Web client: shows a reference number as the user's name is unknown
  • SMS: User's phone number
The ID is an internal reference number. For example if you encounter a technical issue during live takeover then you can use the ID when contacting IT Support. Hover over the information icon to see the ID.
Chatbot Name The name of the bot. Click the column heading to sort the conversations by bot.
Chat length Click the column heading to sort the conversations by length.
Status All conversations have one of the following statuses (click the column heading to sort the conversations by status):
  • Abandoned: includes all inactive conversations that are within the timeout period set for the bot. Typically this is 24 hours.

  • Action: intervention is needed because the user has seen the default answer too many times.
  • Live: any session where the conversation is shorter than 5 minutes. After 5 minutes of inactivity, the conversation is considered to be Stalled.

  • Stalled: any conversation where the user hasn't typed anything for 5 minutes. The session moves back to Live when the user sends the next message.

  • Waiting For Agent: either the user has asked to chat with an agent but they haven't been connected to someone yet or they are already chatting with someone.
Last message Shows the last message sent by the user. To see the full conversation, click the row.
Operator Shows if the conversation is between a user and a bot, or and the user name of the agent if someone has taken over the conversation from the bot. If the agent is working in SalesForce Live then the chat window will show A SalesForce agent is now handling this chat.