Taking over a conversation

Important: To receive notifications in your browser whenever a user receives too many default answers or requests a live agent, you must go to the Live Takeover page as soon as you sign on to Converse.

To take over a conversation

  1. Click Live Takeover on the menu bar to go to the Live Takeover page which lists all the current conversations.

    See also What's shown on the Live Takeover page.

  2. Monitor the conversations to identify any that might require you to intervene. The Action status, for example, indicates when a user may need assistance because they have received too many default answers.

    You can search for any text that is shown on the page. For example, you can enter:

    • One or more words from a last message sent
    • The name of a bot
    • The name of an operator

    You can also sort the sessions on the page in order to identify the most recent conversations (Chat length) or the stage the user has reached in the conversation (the Last message column).

  3. To see in detail how a conversation is progressing, click the row. A pane on the right shows the conversation so far.
  4. To take over a conversation, click the row and then click the Take over button.

    Only one operator can take over a conversation at a time.

  5. Once you have taken over a conversation, the bot may send the user a default message to let them know what is happening. This depends on how the bot is configured. If there is no default message then you may want to let the user know that they are now chatting with a live person.
    • You'll see a comment that the conversation is taken over from this point on.
    • Any text that you type or anything that you paste into the box will be sent directly to the user.
    • Their response will appear in the Preview pane in the usual way.
    • The means that the user is typing.

Sending attachments

In the Live Takeover window, click the Attachments button to send a document to the user. The user has 24 hours in which to download it before it is removed.

Users can also send you attachments but only while you have taken over the conversation. You can download the documents and right-click on images to view them in a separate browser tab.

Note: As a security measure, the name of any file that you send to the user will be changed. Consider password protecting the file for additional security.

Sending list pickers

In the Live Takeover window, you can send one or more items to the user that they can then select from. This may not be available in all bots.
  1. Click to see the full list of items.
  2. Select one or more of the items of interest to the user.
  3. Click Send. The list picker is sent to the user and also appears in the Live Takeover window.

Finishing the conversation

  1. Once you have finished chatting with the user, end the conversation by clicking the Finish Conversation button.

    It is not possible to accidentally end the conversation as there is a confirmation message.

  2. Wrap up the conversation by:
    • Sending a default interaction (depends on the bot whether there is one).
    • Sending nothing and just exiting from the conversation.
    • Sending a custom message — enter the message you want to send.
    • Select a different interaction to send.