Integrating with Twilio

You can integrate EngageOne Converse with Twilio in order to provide an SMS channel.

To define the settings used to communicate with Twilio, in Designer, click Config and then go to the Integration tab.

Note: The details you need here are available on the Dashboard and Manage Numbers pages of your Twilio account.
Account Phone The phone number that will be used to send and receive text messages for this bot.
Account Sid Paste in the ID of your Twilio account. The ID of your live credentials are shown on the Dashboard page of your account. You can find your test credentials under General Settings.
Auth Token Paste in the auth token of your Twilio account. This is shown on the Dashboard page of your Twilio account. By default this is your live credentials.
CallbackĀ URL Copy this URL to Twilio. To do this:
  1. Go to the Messaging section of the active number that you are assigning to the bot.
  2. In the Messaging section, leave A message comes in set to Webhook.
  3. Paste the Converse callback URL into the adjacent field.
  4. Leave the request method set to HTTP POST.

See also Creating bots for text messaging.