Managing users

The administrator for the Converse account determines what other users in the company's account (tenant) can do. New users are initially added as Power Users, and the administrator can change their role.
User Role Permissions
Power User Can use all the features in Converse, that is: develop bots in the Designer, view Converse Analytics, and use Live Takeover.

This is the default role for new users (marked by an asterisk in the list of users).

Super User View Converse Analytics, and use Live Takeover.
Analyst View all the analytics reports in Converse Analytics.
Agent Use Live Takeover.
Admin Has all the roles and can also change the roles of other users in the company's account.

About the Admin user

The first Admin user is created when the Converse account is created for your company.

Changing a user's role

An Admin user can change a user's role.

Important: The changes take effect the next time the user signs on to Converse.
  1. From the menu bar, select Manage Users from the right-hand menu.
  2. The Admin page lists the current users for your company:
    • To change a user's role, click Edit and then select a role from the list.